Jreamwriter’s Inspirational Vitamins

Sometimes life can get you down. Therefore, I pray this particular blog will be a source of upliftment. So, from time to time, and operating truly in the spirit of love, here I’ll post some JIV’s.  Be encouraged…

JIV #1

Walking Through My Pages, By Jreamwriter

It’s not complete,
yet it’s already written in the book of life.
From the beginning to the end,
the journey towards my destiny,
it’s already etched in stone.

The Alpha and the Omega has bent time,
to accommodate me;
to highlight me;
to illuminate the dark tunnel,
that I pass through as I walk in blind faith,
towards a death that promises the opposite,
everlasting life.

I walk while looking up at the clouds,
where angels supposedly reside,
watching me;
guiding me;
helping me walk my path.

With their wings soaring in the aura of the sun,
it’s amazing that they find time,
to shade me,
from the blinding rays,
enabling me,
to see their gold and silver adorned fingers,
as they point me in the direction,
of my unknown finish line.

The end of the road,
that lies somewhere ahead,
I cannot see;
the barriers hinder,
what’s around the bend.

Only my angelic guardians,
sitting among the clouds,
can see what lurks in the distance,
where normal vision,
can’t behold life’s dark passages.

I will walk alone,
hopeful I make my way through this tread,
only this time,

is what I ask,
as I walk through this valley of darkness.
I ask not for luck,
as that worldly devise,
is reserved for sinners;
thanks be to God,
is a blessing for the faithful,
and faithful,
I am.

So, I pray.

grant me the grace,
and the privilege,
of a road that continues on,
pass the end of this tunnel.

I’m tired.
I’m weary.
I want to give up,
but my spirit says,
“You haven’t yet walked through all your pages,
only most of the words in your book.”

So, I press on,
only now,
with a praise in my heart.

I’m still writing.
I’m still moving.
I’m still passing through.
I’m still finding myself.
I’m not finished yet.
I still see the sparrow,
the one the angels aim me towards.
I exhale.
“Thank God!”
I’m walking in the right direction.


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