Who is Jreamwriter®?

download (2)Jreamwriter® is a prophetic Kingdom evangelist that operates in the “Kingdom” offices as: Jreamer of Jreams, Scribe, and Evangelist anointed in the Christ’s supernatural ministry of miracles. Jreamwriter® is a 4th Watch [Psalms 68:11] battalion leader endowed and sealed among YHWH’s army of end times women evangelists. Born and raised in New York City and having a Kingdom business presence in Metro Atlanta, Georgia and the NYC Tri-state area, Jreamwriter® is currently established in the islands of Hawaii performing missions work as founding Apostle of Praise Report Ministries,  Inc.

Jreamwriter® holds degrees in Communication Media – TV Production, Journalism, Web Development and is currently attaining an advanced degree in Christian Ministry and Organizational Leadership & Global Missions. Evangelizing the Gospel message “The Kingdom is Here!”, Jreamwriter®’s most recent book is The 4th Watch & the Unction of the Holy Ghost which can be purchased on the website of Praise Report Ministries, Inc.

Learn more at http://www.jreamwriter.com and http://www.praisereportministries.org.

Revised October 19, 2017.




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