The difference between iniquity and sin

Helping People Understanding Iniquity and Sin… iniquity is the character (repeated ill behaviors and mentalities) behind the sinful nature… Forgiving a person is possible in Christ… Forgetting an offense is often difficult when the offender keeps exhibiting the sinful character (iniquity) that causes the offense. We must challenge character in order to truly strive to be Christ-like. Here’s a good blog to check out on the topic.

Captured by sin. Photo: Chris Karr/Flickr Handcuffed by iniquity? Photo: Chris Karr/Flickr

Several years ago, a 10 year-old girl was brutally murdered in the city of Toronto. The murderer cut up her body and deposited it in bags in nearby Lake Ontario. She was kidnapped while walking the few blocks from her friend’s place to her home.

The 37 year-old man charged in this brutal murder had no previous record. But he became a suspect when police — while interviewing people in the neighborhood — noticed that he had recently painted his home and installed new carpet.

To the trained eye, this was a subtle indicator of an individual trying to cover up a brutal murder.

When the police went through his house, they found over 10,000 pornographic images stored on his computer, including some involving children. Though he had committed no previous crimes, the repeated viewing of these images apparently built such a potent stronghold…

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