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In following the media celebrity, Steve Harvey, and his latest and greatest brand, The Steve Harvey Talk Show, an interesting topic came to me… How many of us actually assess the status of our love lives, marriages and/or relationships by what we watch on talk shows?


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  1. Debbie Mura says:

    Found this Huffington Post Article for you:

    Steve Harvey: From Family Feud to The Formula for Success
    Posted: 03/02/2015 5:06 pm EST Updated: 03/02/2015 5:59 pm EST

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    (photo courtesy of Rogers and Cowan)

    Steve Harvey’s résumé may read like a non-stop success story, but the Emmy Award-winning television host, radio personality, and bestselling author would hardly describe his personal journey as seamless. In fact, for Harvey, some of the most poignant moments in his life have been related to the bumps in the road.

    Unlike many celebrities, the popular comedian and unflappable host of the beloved game show Family Feud, isn’t shy about spelling out his own shortcomings. Nor is he hesitant to share the wealth when it comes to his hard-earned success strategies. Harvey did just that in his bestselling book Act Like A Success, Think Like A Success, and plans to do it March 6-8 2015, at his Act Like A Success Conference, near Washington DC. “I think that I’ve had the life I’ve had, with all of its ups and downs, missteps, and failures. And at the time, when it was happening to me, all these mishaps and failures — I wasn’t understanding it totally. But I get it now. I needed everything that happened in my life, in the exact order that it happened in, in order for me to be who I am today and to be able to sit here, and share with people my experiences, and how I ended up getting over. How I got back up. How I reinvented myself. How I went from the bottom to close to the front.”

    Find out more about Steve Harvey’s ‘Act Like A Success Conference’ here.

    As in his book, Harvey will share those tactics that helped him maximize success and happiness. Along with a team of speakers, Harvey plans to address some of the multidimensional components of optimizing success. His hope is that participants will learn from from those “who’ve been there-done that”. Harvey believes that once people learn the principles of success, these principles can be applied to any endeavor. “You can bake cookies. You can do hair. You can be a psychologist. A doctor. Whatever — once you learn the principles. And that’s the mission of the book and the weekend.”

    Steve Harvey may have the strategies for success, but he’s adamant that we can’t always predict what our exact success story may be. “See, it’s putting one foot in front of the other that leads you down a road that we’ve never– none of us have gone on before. It’s called the future. So all you’ve got to do is keep walking into the future. We don’t know what it is. We don’t know what it holds. If we did, this would be a different life for us. But I think also, I’ve never been afraid to reinvent myself. I’ve never been afraid to be open to what else God has for me. That’s where people get stuck. See, don’t get stuck on what you want. There could be a really greater vision or greater plan for you, not based on just what you want. What should you be in life? Not just where you want to be, but where should you be in life? And that will get shown to you if you stay in the process. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself,” notes Harvey.

    Like me, Steve Harvey believes that our own great success stories can often surprise us. Says Harvey, “I have goals and aspirations. I have a vision board — as should everybody. But I’m also open to what’s mapped out for me and where I should be. I’ve got an idea of what I want, but I’m always open to what’s out there for me. Because it could be something else. Like you said, success could come in a surprise package. You never know. So I’m always optimistic that there’s something more for me. And I’ll just be wide-eyed as to what that could be.”

    Listen to Nancy’s interview with Steve Harvey here, on iTunes, or Stitcher Radio.

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